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10 Things Angels Can Do For Us

Angels have a specific role on earth and that is to protect and to love. This can show in many forms but they generally try and help and guide us in our lives. They are not here to take over but they will bring people into our lives who can help us.

What can Angels do?

* They can send us feelings of love and support

* Perform dramatic rescues when 'it's not our time to pass'

* Warn us of danger and steer us away from hazards

* Provide us with important information to help us make decisions.

* Bring human support and guidance when we need it most.

* Help us help ourselves.

* Mend things

* Assist with healing

* Be our friends

* Encourage us to see the right path

* Guide us safely out of trouble.

Permission to help

Humans have the divine right to free will and freedom of choice therefore angels are not allowed to take away our power of decision making. We can choose not to follow their guidance. We have to invite them to work with us. We can do this by simply asking them out loud to help us each morning as we wake. You can also write your invitation down or perform some sort of ritual or you can also indicate your permission by wearing an angel pin or placing angel figurines in your home, car or place of work.

If you have a specific problem you are trying to work through at the moment try inviting the angels in to help you today.

Here are some examples of some ways of giving permission - remember to say thank you after your request.

"Angels I love my collection of white feathers - please bring me more signs that you are close. Thank you"

"Angels, I really enjoyed the dream with an angel message last week and I am happy to communicate with you like this in the future. Thank you in love"

" Angels, I am a little nervous about feeling a physical touch and I would prefer that we explore other ways of communicating with each other. Thank you"

Try working with the angels today and be thankful for their support and guidance - they will help you create abundance and joy if you let them into your life.

Blessings Julie Anita x

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