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5 Minutes to 'Divine' Your Day

With some guidance from tarot, you can trust the Universe to help prepare you for your day ahead.

Divination begins the moment you decide you are going to consult your deck. Have a moment to breathe in and out deeply and clear your mind so that Angels, the Divine or the Universe can channel your energy.

Ask a very clear question. Try and focus on something that allows for change - something not set in stone that your own free will can make a decision on, not the cards.

Ask for guidance on how to approach the situation for example

"What does my work life have in store for me right now?" Rather than "Should I apply for that job?"

Do this BEFORE you choose your cards and stick to your choice as you lay the cards out. There are so many different spreads to choose from, but situation/action/outcome or past/present/future are popular choices. Remember you are channelling Divine energy as you shuffle the deck. Focus on your question and imagine yourself pulling in energy from the Universe, through your body and into the cards. Shuffle them for around a minute.

The Moment of Truth

It's time to read the cards! Pick three and lay them left to right. Look at the first picture and trust your instinct - what do you feel the card is telling you? Do the same for the other two and only consult a tarot guidebook if you're really stuck on a meaning. This is about what the cards and the Divine are saying to you and you alone. Now return to your question and answer it based on what the cards have shown you, then go about your day trusting in their guidance.

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