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5 Minutes to Spiritually Re-centre.

Practice this exercise once a day and you will soon find yourself back in balance.

Mirror Image

Sit alone facing a mirror. Place your hand over your heart chakra (on your chest directly below your throat), look yourself in the eyes and say, out load, "I love you".

If you have a rose quartz or amethyst crystal, hold this to your heart chakra too.

Hold Your Gaze

You may notice unhelpful thoughts about yourself trying to come through. If you do, hear them, look into your eyes and try to see yourself as you were a child. The lie in these thoughts will become apparent. If they don't, say - out loud - the positive opposite to the negative thought.

Give Yourself a Hug

Wrap your arms around your body and squeeze. Hugs are incredibly powerful, even if you're giving one to yourself! Feel the love you have for yourself as a child and acknowledge that child is the same person you are today.

Re-Centre Your Energy

Sit or lie down with your eyes closed and hand on your solar plexus and smile. This will help to restore and re-centre your energy with joy. If you have a black tourmaline crystal, hold this on your solar plexus for grounding support and help aligning your chakras.

Tip: Wearing a diamond everyday is believed to assist with spiritual re-centring.

Blessings Julie Anita x

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