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5 Ways to Cheer on Your Angels

1. Create an Angel Altar

Think of what energy you wish to bring into the space and choose items to reflect this. You may like to add angelic figurines, candles, artwork and your angel cards. I recommend adding rose quartz crystals for love and heart chakra healing. Hematite is perfect if you're feeling stressed and it can help clear away negative energy. Have fun adding to your collection and creating your personal angel space.

2. Use Angel Cards

Choose some with imagery and words that resonate with you. I recommend the 'Work your Light Deck' by Rebecca Campbell, this is perfect for guidance on personal transformation and alignment. You can pick a card a day, ask your angel a question or do more detailed spreads for specific guidance.

3. Practice Meditation

The angels exist on a higher vibrational level than humans as they are pure celestial beings of light. In order to raise your vibration and deepen your connection to angels, it is important to undertake a regular meditative practice. As you raise your vibration you will begin to feel more balanced experiencing a state of calm and peacefulness.

4. Feel Gratitude

Help strengthen your bond by giving thanks for the blessings in your life and for the unconditional love your guardian angel gives. Gratitude helps raise your vibration and aids angelic connection. It has a multitude of benefits including improving self-esteem and increasing happiness. Affirm; "Thank you, angels for your unconditional love and blessings.

5. Journal about the Angelic Guidance you Receive

You may like to purchase a special diary just for this. Include thoughts, impressions or words that come in when you connect with your angels and after meditation. You may like to write down any angelic signs you've had during the day. You can also use this for automatic writing. Simply write down a question for your angels, clear your mind by taking some centering breaths and allow your hand to move across the page in a natural flow. You may notice individual words, symbols or get a feeling or response in your mind.


Julie Anita x

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