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7 Ways to Connect with your Guardian Angel

1) Sit or lie in an undisturbed space. You may wish to light a candle and play some music (I listen to Angelic Healing Music by Meditative Mind). Our daily lives are usually very busy and this creates a calming atmosphere.

2) You may like to hold some crystals or wear crystal jewellery - Angelite helps you to connect with angelic realms and selenite helps open your crown chakra. Both are high vibrational crystals which help in bridging the connection to the pure loving energy of the angels.

3) Take some slow, deep centering breaths relaxing all your muscles. Breathe in through your nose as you visualise white light entering your body. Then blow out with your mouth and hold the intention of releasing any stress or negative thoughts. Do this 3 times.

4) Affirm "I am ready to meet my guardian angels. I invite you into my life to guide and protect me. Please step forward and let me feel, sense, hear and know your presence".

5) Sit quietly with your mind and notice any thoughts, impressions, feelings, emotions or sensations. You may notice a physical tingling, light touch or be drawn to an area of your body. You may get an overwhelming sense of peace, calm and love. You can take this time to ask your guardian angel for guidance and enjoy being within their loving presence.

6) You may ask for your guardian angel's name. The response may come straight away as an inner knowing, gut feeling or sign. It may also come later. Take note of all feelings and write them down.

7) Express gratitude to your guardian angel for their love and guidance.


Julie Anita xx

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