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8 Ways To Work With Angels

Here are my favourite ways of connecting with the Angels.

1) Meditation - Breathe deeply and allow yourself to get into a really relaxed state of mind.

2) Affirmations -Using positive affirmations encourages you to have optimistic thoughts and feelings and helps you channel them.

3) Feathers - These 'tools' are sent from the Angels themselves to let you know they are connecting with you.

4) Crystals - These lovely natural objects are beautiful to work with and channelling their energy will help you connect with your Angels.

5) Candles - Candles are something of a ritual when you are communicating spiritually I feel. I have candles all around my home to help me with my meditations and opening me to the light. I use different colour candles for different reasons but I always feel more at peace when I light a candle.

6) Rituals - I feel that having a ritual such as lighting a candle, meditating or chanting an incantation helps me focus and connect.

7) Oils and Incense - I absolutely loves aromatic oils and use them regularly in my Angel work. They instantly help me relax and enhance my mood.

8) Altars and displays - I have a separate altar for my Angel work - separate to my Magick Altar that I use for my spell work. I have some beautiful figurines, feathers, crystals, cards, charms and flowers and I just love sitting at it when I am connecting.

I have added below some links for some of my favourite shops on Amazon. If you use my affiliate link I would be most grateful. I earn a small percentage from any sales which helps me keep my social media channels going.

Blessings to You - Julie Anita x

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