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Affirmation Magic

Updated: May 26, 2020

I have seen huge benefits for my clients using positive affirmations and doing work on their mindset. Those lacking in confidence or with money blocks have particular success. I think the simplicity of giving back to yourself through daily or weekly affirmation work is part of the mindset magic process. Taking time out to journal or just to ponder life brings about an opportunity for self-development and this is where we see huge growth. I have recently started journaling - it has brought me clarity and positive energy. I always lead from a place of gratitude so I start each day with a 'thank you'.

I put daily affirmation cards somewhere I can see them through most of the day. I keep a picture on my phone and carry them around in my bag to use regularly. If I'm sat at my computer typing readings up I have my card propped up next to my screen. It's surprising how differently I feel having a mindset focus for the day. Saying a mantra out loud can be especially beneficial I feel. It helps me tune into the energy of the mantra and keeps me focused and calm.

Here are 5 things to remember when using daily affirmation cards.

  1. Follow your intuition - look carefully at the card taking in the positive vibration and listen to what you intuitively feel the card is telling you.

  2. If a card jumps out from the deck it has a special meaning for you. Pay particular attention to this card

  3. Say the mantra out loud to help you tune into its energy.

  4. Journal the session so you can refer to it again later on.

  5. Visualise yourself just how you would like to be - 'more confident', financially stable', 'in a loving relationship' while you say the mantra out loud.

Visualising yourself in the life you dream of will really help with anchoring and will bring positive energy.

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