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Angel Letters

My clients often ask how they can communicate with their Angels. One way is to write to them

Open your heart and allow yourself to pour out your feelings onto paper. Let go, release all your emotions and ask the Angels to resolve any problems you may have. Don't try to manipulate the situation - leave it up to the Angels to work their magic and you may be surprised how quickly your problem is resolved. Angels work in unexpected ways you may not even dream of. Writing your thoughts and concerns down can purify your thoughts.

Do not hold back- if you are angry, hurt, sad, jealous, fearful disillusioned or disappointed give these emotions to the Angels. Emotions have an effect on healing and health. When you relive negative feelings it causes a reaction that is perceived clairvoyantly as dark areas in your aura so once you have written everything down don't reread what you wrote. Burn the letter over a candle flame and as you do feel the cleansing effect it has.

I have found these Angel letters particularly effective in releasing pent up anger or emotion that is causing pain. As you are going to burn the letter once written you can really lay bare all your private thoughts to the Angels - they don't judge. Anger, when not discharged solidifies and hardens into hatred. We often refuse to forgive in order to punish. A simple way of releasing anger is to acknowledge what you are feeling and release the emotion. Visualise the person you are going to forgive surrounded in angelic light as you burn the letter.

I have also found that using an affirmation as you burn the letter also helps relieve anger. For example 'I now intend to release all my suffering over this situation to the Angels'

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Blessings Julie Anita x

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