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Back to School - Crystals Class

Everything on Earth is made up of energy, rocks, gems and crystals are no different. Each stone emits a unique vibration. These unique vibrations of energy connect with our own energetic vibrations and directly influence our physical and emotional well being.

rom I have been fascinated with crystals and the power they generate for some years now.

I thought it might be helpful to all of you with children or grand children to have a few suggestions of crystals that can really help with transition back into school and study.

From top left

Moonstone - Is for new beginnings and helps children accept the changes they face

Rose Quartz - Helps with separation anxiety and feelings of abandonment.

Flourite - Is great for concentration, learning new skills and understanding information.

Amethyst - provides protection against anxiety.

Canelian - helps with the ability to learn and mental agility.

Suglite - Is the development stone and helps with relationships and making friends.

Rhodonite - Helps children get into the right frame of mind for learning.

Moss Agate - Enhances the ability to communicate and express ideas.

Place the crystal or crystals in your child's pencil case or bag or let them keep one in their pocket where they can hold it when needed.

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