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Begin to Unleash Your Inner Psychic

Everyone has the ability to unlock their 'third eye' and tap into their inner psyche but few take the steps required to discover how.

It can be an overwhelming process and some are fearful about receiving information from an unseen source.

Here are some basic tips to getting started;

1. Firstly you should consider your intention. In order for you to be able to unlock your gift you must INTEND it to happen. Ask yourself if you are ready to embark on this journey no matter what challenges you face.

2. Start documenting any experience you have (large and small) every day. Write down any dreams, strange happenings, feelings, reoccurring numbers, feelings of de-ja-vue that you have - don't dismiss anything as 'not relevant'.

3. Centre your energy - open yourself up to signals you are receiving and tune into your inner voice. Meditation is an excellent way to do this. Imagine yourself being plugged into a higher being - tune out any outside distractions, close your eyes and breathe deeply and focus on receiving from a pure source. Meditation is a very personal activity there are lots of really helpful videos on You Tube with a variety of meditation methods. Find the one that works for you.

4.Release you inhibitions - fear will block you! Think about what your fears are even the silly ones. Did someone tell you a scary story about spiritual activity or did you see something in a movie? You need to conquer these fears to enable you to move forward.

5. A common misconception is that by tapping into your psyche you will suddenly start seeing ghosts and goulies - this is not true. It will however, help you see the 'unseen'. The difference is you will start to notice signs from the angels and departed loved ones. You will see beauty and love that you hadn't before (this could be beauty within someone you hadn't noticed before)

As you start to notice these things write them down.

6.Accept any difficult challenges that arise. Because you will be more intuitive you will also notice things that may make you feel uncomfortable such as people being underhand or deceitful - what will you do with this new truth? Consider this carefully.

7. Don't hold back! This new journey can present challenges and sometimes cause friction in your relationships with others. Enlightenment can bring new energies into your life which helps you release old habits and brings you joy and contentment.

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