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Can I give myself a Tarot Reading?

Yes you can!

Choose a deck with clear illustrations that tell a story.

I am often asked whether I do readings for myself, and how? So I thought I'd give you some hints and tips.

1.The first and possibly most obvious thing is buy a tarot deck. There are loads on the market but you need to choose the one that you're drawn to the most and has clear illustrations (ones that give you an indication as to their meaning). If you really like your deck you will enjoy working with it and you'll find you become quite attached to it.

2. Have a question - this is really important! You need to have a clear question that you need answering. For example - Will I succeed in my new business venture? Will I meet my life partner? To have a good reading for yourself you need a question to give you focus.

Once you know what to ask, the cards will 'speak' to you in the language of pictures.

3. Next shuffle the cards - keep going until you feel it's right.

4. Lay the cards out from left to right - like telling a story you'll read left to right. It doesn't matter how many cards you choose to use, you can always add cards if you don't receive an answer to your question.

5. Turn them over in turn and take a good look at all the cards. Is there any that jump out at you? Do you notice any cards more than others? Do any cards remind you of anything? Your intuition is always showing you where to look in order to interpret the cards.

Tarot cards have suits just like playing cards. Instead of hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs a Tarot deck has Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands.

The Pentacles usually refer to physical possessions and finances.

The Cups, emotions, - love and relationships, feelings

The Wands deal with ideas, goals, creativity

The Swords intellect, state of mind, actions and how we move things forward.

As you look at each card in your line try and identify what the illustrations are telling you about 'your story'. Just as a child's book doesn't need words you can interpret what the characters are trying to tell you from the pictures. This is an ideal way to start your tarot card reading journey.

Much love Julie Anita xx

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