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Crystal Power! - How to use Crystals in your daily life

1. Keep them on your person

You can wear crystals as jewellery ,which is very common and a lot of choices are available in the form of bracelets, earrings, necklaces.

You can also carry one or more around in your pocket or some people tuck them in a bra! By keeping crystals within your personal aura or energy field, you are more likely to feel the effects and reap the benefits. The crystals will also tune in to your own personal vibe.

Choose your crystal according to how you feel when you awake. Red Tigers Eye is great if you need strength for the day ahead or you need extra motivation. Rose Quartz is the one I choose if I need some extra confidence or self love

2. Place in specific areas around the home or in your workplace

As Crystals generate energy, having them placed around the home and at work are an excellent use of their powers. If you place Amazonite close to your computer or other electric devices it will reduce harmful radiation and create a peaceful workplace.

Clear Quartz in the bedroom will bring peace and harmony and really enhance spiritual growth and release any negative energies. Sleeping with a Rose Quartz under the pillows will aid rest and relaxation.

3. Use them in Meditation

As you meditate hold a crystal in each hand – this will channel energy and make the session much more powerful. Meditation is an excellent way to revitalise and different crystals will help in different ways it's like a detox for the soul' “The Little Book Of Crystals” by Judy Hall is a fab book to get information on which crystals to use in your meditation sessions.

4.Chakra Cleansing & Balancing

Our bodies contain 7 energy centres (also known as Chakras), most of us are not aware of the side effects of having just one of these energy centres unbalanced or blocked. Some of these effects can actually lead to physical dysfunction and pain including digestive problems, chronic fatigue etc. If you suffer from unbalanced or blocked chakras then this is a time to turn to the magical powers of Crystals – You can choose one or several crystals to balance your chakras, once you find out which chakra you need to work on, place a corresponding colour crystal on the part of your body that resonates. (I tend to use this as another way of meditating with the stones). Visualise your chakras being cleansed through the crystals until you feel the cleansing is complete!

I would love to hear how crystals have helped you. Get in touch

Julie Anita x

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