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Embrace the Healing Energies of Archangel Raphael

You will know when you are being called by Raphael as you'll be inspired to travel and broaden your horizons. He brings a deep sense of self-discovery and he will draw you to new ways of viewing the world and help bring balance into your life.

Embrace the healing energies of Archangel Raphael and send them around the world with this meditation.

  • Find a quiet place, ideally outdoors. Breathing comfortably and steadily allow your body to relax.

  • Call Archangel Raphael's name three times (three being the powerful mystical number of manifestation)

  • Imagine a brilliant emerald green ball of light and watch as it expands surrounding you and enfolding you.

  • Breathe the light into your body and as you breathe, envisage it filling every cell. Now say to yourself three times, "Every cell in my body works in perfect loving divine harmony"

  • Visualise it spreading through your home, through all those you share your life with and say three times "Every aspect of my home and family is in perfect divine harmony"

  • Now imagine that your are above the Earth and you can see a beautiful green divine light circling our planet. Watch for as long as it takes to surround and fill the world with light and say to yourself "Everywhere and everyone, every animal, ocean-living creature , planet and sentient being is filled with perfect, loving, divine harmony and light"

  • When you are ready, consciously feel your body sitting on the chair or ground and allow yourself to feel heavy as the floor or chair takes your full weight. Visualise the divine light decreasing and becoming a tiny ball of light in front of your brow, then take your attention once more into the moment. When you're reading, open your eyes and rub your hands together, standing up and gently stamping your feet on the floor to make sure you are grounded.

Always thank the angels and your highest self for taking part in any healing ritual


Julie Anita xx

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