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Find Your Power Colour

The most powerful colour you should be wearing to make every day a success.

Are you going to an important meeting? Do you want to smooth ruffled feathers? Do you want to counsel a client or friend? Maybe you're going to a network event? Once you've established the situation you want colour to be working in, it will be easier to work out your goals.

Now tune into your feelings and decide which energy or emotion you need to accomplish today's mission. Passion? Kindness? Authority? Courage? Visualise yourself succeeding in your chosen task and observe how you act and come across to others. This will help lead you to dress for the personal strength you need.

Colour works at a subconscious level. People 'see' the energy that you project in the situation and in turn, this helps you manifest that energy. If you wear yellow to release fear, the message you are conveying to others is that you are a powerful person with leadership qualities.

Using colours selected from the following guide will help you in your daily life - try it!

Colour Guide

RED - Passionate, motivated, grounded and strong

ORANGE - Outgoing, brave, spontaneous and creative

YELLOW - Confident, fearless and inspirational

GREEN - Harmonious, compassionate, generous

TURQUOISE - Comfortable in front of large groups

BLUE - Calm and communicative

PINK - Patient and compassionate

INDIGO & VIOLET - Confident for meetings

BROWN - Earthy and committed

BLACK - Authoritative, powerful and mysterious

GREY - Self-reliant and stable

WHITE - Innocent and fresh.

Blessings Julie Anita x

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