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Healing Angel Altar

Does someone in your family need a little extra help in the healing department? If so, you can make a healing altar for them. To do this you will need:

  • A photo or photos of the person who needs healing. If you don't have one where they look happy and relaxed, use something to represent the person - an item or object belonging to them such as a scarf, piece of jewellery, tie or glove for instance would be perfect.

  • An altar cloth - if you have something blue or gold this would be great but white is a suitable alternative as long as it is big enough to cover your table or shelf.

  • A candle - scented candles can be lovely but for the best effect make sure you use ones scented by natural fragrances such as rosemary, eucalyptus, rose or lavender.

  • An angel figurine, angel coin or angel card/picture.

  • A clear quartz crystal (any size)

  • A vase of fresh white flowers or a single flowering pot plant with white flowers.

Place your cloth on a table, worktop or shelf. Display the items on the top and light the candle. Say the following

"Healing angels, with your will and the highest good of all, I request healing energy for ......(insert name of person) Shine your light into the heart of this person, restoring them to their best possible health with loving thanks (add your name)"

Sit in quiet meditation and relaxation for a while. Hold the image of your loved one being healed by the angels.

When you feel it's the appropriate time (after around 10 mins or so), blow out the candle. Never leave the candle burning alone in a room. If you're working or reading in the space, and can keep an eye on the candle, you can leave it burning a little longer.


Julie Anita x

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