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How to Make a Friendship Altar

We can never have enough friends. Ask your Angel to help you find suitable people for friendship. Remember that your guardian angel is your best friend. What do you need from your guardian angel?

Do you have friendships that drain you? Talk about your feelings and see if you can create a healthier and more balanced relationship.

Create an altar of friendship to increase your friendship circle in a meaningful way.

Love & Light

Julie Anita x

1) Using a small coffee table/side table (a circular one is particularly appropriate) lay a yellow or multi-coloured cloth over the top. Cut out some pictures of happy smiling faces of both sexes and various cultures from a magazine - pick faces you feel a connection with. You also need a photograph of yourself.

2) Stick the photograph of yourself in the middle of an empty picture frame and add the images of faces all around the frame. These images represent friends.

3) Put the photo montage in the frame and place it in the centre of your table. Place an angel figurine to watch over the display and add a selection of crystals to charge up the energy ready to put it to work.

4) Say the following words or write some of your own.

"I am a loving, willing friend, angels, I welcome people into my life for fun and happy relationships based on mutual respect; friends for fun, friends for sports, creative pastimes and friends, to talk to in times of need. I offer myself in return as a good friend. With the Angel's will, let it be so".

5) If you want, you can add photos of current friends in pretty frames to your display. You can use old photos at first and take the opportunity of contacting some old friends if the photos make you feel that you miss them.

6) Push your table up against a wall and hang some friendship photos on the wall behind the table.

7) Create large montages of yourself and others riding bikes, dancing, walking your dog, talking part in sports, at parties etc.. You will soon be able to replace the faces of strangers with images of your real friends, both old and new.

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