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Magical Runes - How do they work?

Runes are letters of an ancient Germanic alphabet. Traditionally the letters were carved into stone or wood. The word 'rune' means mystery or secret and each one embodies a spiritual concept. Rune casters mix the interpretation of the letters as found in traditional rune poems and their own intuition.

Runes can also be used in meditation work. I like to hold the rune in my han, tracing the letter with my finger as I close my eyes. I feel I get much stronger messages and insights.

When I do a rune casting I ask a direct question of the runes or focus on a person's name as I cast the runes. I love this divination method as I really connect with the stones and feel their power and energy.

Runes can be used in isolation or alongside other divination methods such as tarot or crystal ball work.

Although sets of runes are available for purchase it is also possible to make your own set. You can do this by gathering suitable stones from a river-bed and painting them or dividing a branch of even thickness into 24 discs and carving or painting the letters on. I made my own first set of runes and I feel it really helps you connect with them.

If you've never used runes before, a daily one rune draw/pick is recommended. It's a really good way of familiarising yourself with the symbols and their meanings. Journal your rune picks and write any intuitive thoughts you have connected to the rune as you look at it and feel it's energy.

Castings that use multiple runes have the benefit of contextualising the runes and helping fine-tune the answer.

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Blessings Julie Anita x

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