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Magically Happy Masterclass - Week 2

Work with Your Intuition

Awakening your intuition can help empower your life, avoid disastrous situations and harness happiness by making the most of opportunities.

Your intuition is your connection with a higher wisdom.

Work on these ways to begin to develop and use your intuition to attract and spread happiness.

  • Do you sometimes get a sudden flash of inspiration? Or a thought about a person just pops into your head? Act on this insight right away if you can. A thought about a distant relative might be cosmic energy at work and your relative may need help or advice. Why not give them a call and see?

  • Pay attention to how you feel when you are with certain people. Do they make you feel energised and happy or drained? There is a reason you are drawn to certain people and not others. Trust that instinct.

  • If you're struggling with a problem you can't solve , try giving your subconscious time to work out an answer. Before going to sleep, ask yourself to come up with a solution while you snooze. Placing a piece of amethyst under your pillow can also help you connect to your intuition.

  • Try to give yourself a five minute window of solitude and silence every day to escape into yourself. These moments alone will help you to tune into and engage with your intuition and learn what makes you happy.

The rewards

Using your intuition can have some great benefits, here are a few;

  • You'll be more sensitive to the energies of the people around you, and able to 'tune into' their feelings more easily.

  • Your relationships will blossom as you appreciate the connection you have with others.

  • You'll feel more confident in decision making and your own judgement.

  • Your creative side will develop as your imagination is awakened.

  • You'll feel safe as you become more aware of potential trouble or danger around you.

More next week

Blessings Julie Anita x

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