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Rahanni Celestial Healing

Rahanni is an ancient healing system for mind and body that works on higher vibration and at a deeper level than other healing methods. It works on many levels including:

The Mind - It brings positive thoughts and calms the mind. It stops the mind working overtime.

The Body - It balances the mind and body. What we think has a huge affect on the physical body. Negative thoughts can create actual physical pain and healing can occur with positive thoughts.

The Soul - The soul is affected by the mind and body. Inner peace gives us quality of life. Rahanni healers work with the soul to open up spiritual understanding.

The Benefits

* Relaxation

* Well being

* The release of negativity and anxiety

* It opens the heart to let love in

* Brings forward positive thoughts

* Helps rid the negative energy that is affecting the physical body.

* Calms the mind

* Helps heal emotional pain and upheaval

The Sessions

A Rahanni session involves the healer placing their hands on the body in particular areas (very similar to Reiki) they then channel Rahanni healing energy to bring balance and joy.

For more information or to find a healer please visit

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