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Rid Yourself of Bad Karma

Karma goes back to ancient Hindu and Buddist traditions but has been adapted over the years to reflect modern life.

Before you start working on your karma it is important to understand the spiritual principle of karma as follows

* Goodness creates goodness whilst bad actions create bad outcomes

* All actions have consequence - you may experience these in this lifetime or the next

* Humans are subjected to reincarnation therefore the quality of your next life is influenced by this one. To have a better life when you reincarnate you should have led an honourable life.

"Karma is action. There are good actions and bad actions, all yield results depending on their nature"

So how can you work with karma for your spiritual benefit.?

Before you start , ask yourself 'What do I need to know about my karma?'

Use this exercise to identify and clear your karma.

Step 1

Sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes. Whilst breathing deeply imagine a beautiful beam of white light floating down through the top of your head then down through your body, washing away all your stress and tension. It surrounds you with a protective bubble where you feel safe and secure.

Step 2

Visualise a door in front of you - see it, feel it. Open the door and go through into a beautiful, warm, healing place. Feel a peaceful energy as you stand and let the love wash over you. There is love and light all around you.

Step 3

Imagine there is an angel coming to greet you, they are there to support your spiritual journey and you feel the warmth in their welcome. They are a loving presence. Ask them about any karma you are experiencing in this lifetime and what lessons you need to learn.

Step 4

Allow your angel to give you a symbol or sign that represents your karma. This could be a butterfly, bird or flower. What symbol represents your current life karma? See it, feel it and hear it.

Step 5

Imagine a cord of light connecting you to this symbol. Visualise your angel giving you a pair of golden scissors. On the count of 3 cut this cord freeing you from your karma.

Step 6

Feel a loving, healing light enter your body and let it's energy move through replacing the energy of the karma you had in this life until you are filled with a sense of peace.

Step 7

Give gratitude to your angel for helping you and say goodbye for now. Go back through the door and into the space you started. Count back from 3 and you will return feeling refreshed and energised free from karma and filled with peace and love.

You are now able to attract wonderful opportunities and experiences into your life.

Blessings Julie Anita x

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