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Signs of an Angel

Feathers - A common sign that an Angel is with you, especially if in an unusual place.

Smell - A loved one's scent will often be brought to you or a sweet smell that can't be explained.

Coins - Angels will leave coins to show they were with us. Like feathers they will often be found in unusual places.

Light shimmers - People think that when they see light shimmers they are 'too obvious' to be Angels but this is not true. The energy brought with them can create a bright glow or shimmer especially if they are your guardian angel as their energy is stronger.

Rainbows - If you have been looking for a sign that an Angel is near they will often bring you a rainbow.

Temperature - Another sign an Angel is among us is when you feel a sudden warm or cold sensation like a chill down your spine or the back of the neck

Numbers - Repetitive numbers or numbers in sequence will often be another sign from the Angels such as 333, 111 or a number that means something to you such as a birth date or house number that keeps appearing. Many believe this is where the theory of 'lucky number' comes from.

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