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Sound Therapy

I've found this fabulous event up here in Yorkshire that is wonderful for anyone looking for uninterrupted peace!

The Swinton Estate is hosting a sound therapy evening, a form of holistic therapy.

Join Janie Beardsall for a sound journey. Sound waves from the voice or an instrument such as drums or Himalayan Singing Bowls are absorbed by the body to restore balance to our energy matrix. A deep meditation takes place allowing blocked chakras to begin to open, allowing you to re-balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is a beautiful way to relax and meditate, so come and try it in the wellness studio.

The Swinton Bivouac Retreat is a beautiful setting in North Yorkshire. You can also go forest bathing in the woodland, where there are various standing stones and a Druid's Temple. Fade into meditation in a powerful Reiki drumming session.

Plus don't miss the retreat's country club or wellness centre where you can enjoy a hot tub, steam rooms and also relaxation treatments. Discover more online at

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