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Spell Bound!

I have always been fascinated in the history of witchcraft and the magical properties of herbs, plants, flowers, stems, roots and oils (gifts from Mother Earth as it were). I have found an fabulous book by Semra Haksever called 'Everyday Magic' which has spells, rituals and potions "to live your best life".

The book is in 2 parts. The first section looks at getting started - what you need - your 'toolkit', what equipment you need, but it also has some great recommendations and tips for preparing yourself. What clothing you should wear, a breathing technique for getting int the right frame of mind and also information of the procedures you should follow before start making magic.

The second section contains all the spells and potions with very clear instructions.

There are some wonderful spells in here including 'Anti-Anxiety Tea', a 'Hot Foot Spell to Remove Unwanted Visitors' and a 'Red Hot Sex Spell'

Semra was a fashion stylist who started a company called 'Mama Moon' selling candles and potions etc.. She has also practised reiki, crystal therapy and moon rituals for over 20 years.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in spells and witchcraft.


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