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Spell Casting for Beginners

Preparing for Spell Casting – Planning and Preparation

Before you undertake any magic there are certain things you must do each time you cast a spell. Take the time to prepare yourself before you start working magic and you will get the best results.

• Have a bath or shower to cleanse the physical body

• Prepare your mind by meditating – you can do this by listening to some calming music, breathing slowly and steadily and trying to clear your mind of any distractions

• Create a magic circle (see below)

• Light a candle

You can make a magic circle in many different ways. It can be visualised in your mind's eye, drawn on the floor (symbolically) with a wand or stick or created physically with salt, rope, cord, string, stones, flowers, shells, tealight candles, pine cones – any items that 'speak' to you.

Create the circle in a clockwise direction starting in the east. The circle should be closed before any magic takes place and you should not step out until the magic work is complete.

When you are finished you should take the circle apart to keep the magical energy pure and contained. It should be taken apart in an anticlockwise direction.

When you are creating the circle each item should be blessed.

“I bless this stone/rock (or whatever) with love, light, wisdom and truth”.

When you have completed your magic you should say the following;

“I give thanks to all who have helped me and leave my magic with you. And so note it be.”

Julie Anita xx

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