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Talk the Walk

I spend my life running around from here to there with my business commitments and family (probably like a great many of you) and I'm not really very good at sitting still to meditate or practice mindfulness. I read a great article on 'walking without purpose' which contained ideas that I'd like to share with you as I have found them so useful.

The idea is to walk or 'drift' around WITHOUT purpose. With no destination in mind and no idea where your walk may take you. This can be done alone or with a friend - or pet as in my case.

You start by just strolling taking in the sights, sounds and sensations and smells around you. Become aware of all your senses. If you are drawn to a particular tree, building or item on a street take a moment to look carefully at it and take in everything connected to it. If you are close enough place your palm on to it and feel it's energy. Think about how it may relate to any aspect of your life or thinking at the moment. For instance is the tree or plant trying to hold onto it's leaves when it should be preparing for the next phase in it's life cycle. Is the building in need of repair or has it been given a new lease of life - new windows (which may signify a new outlook on life). Sometimes there is a metaphorical or symbolic connection that can lead to meaningful conversations about your current situation. I have been using this 'walking without purpose for over a month now and I am finding it particularly beneficial for my long term planning and mindset.

I'd love to hear from any of you trying this - Send me a message if you'd like help in working out the connection.

Much love and blessings Julie Anita x

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