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Tarot - Not A Test!

There are so many superstitions and misconceptions around tarot readings, and these can really impact on the quality of your reading, and the messages you receive. People are not always sure whether they should ask questions and sometimes treat the reading as a 'test' of my psychic abilities. Remember that any tarot reader – or anyone doing intuitive work, regardless of the divination tools they use – is working to put the messages they are receiving into some kind of context for you. During sessions I have unrelated images brought forward to me and I have to try and piece together what the meaning of these are for you, my client. If you have a question that you need clarity on and you don't ask me you may leave disappointed and more confused than ever. Remember I am here to help you. Of course you can have a completely open reading with no questions if you are just wanting to have an overview of your life, relationships, career, finances etc..

Here are some tips on getting a great reading: * Come to the reading with an open mind and open heart. This will help me connect with you. Allow the energy to flow.

* Think about what you would like to gain from your reading. Are you wanting an insight into your career prospects? Relationship guidance?

* Try and be specific if you are coming to the reading with a particular question in mind – I don't need your full life story but try and be clear. Knowing the true nature of your query can help me shape the reading and explore additional questions you might have, which I can’t do if I'm left to guess.

* Be open to a different way of thinking. My role is to help you open up to other ways of seeing the situation, rather than hanging on to something that might not be in your best interests in the end. Ultimately, you will still be the one to decide how you want to move forward, but at least this way, you might have a better understanding of it all after your reading.

* Enjoy your tarot reading, it’s about you, treat it as a healing session.

Much love and blessings Julie Anita x

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