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The Reluctant Psychic

I'm a big believer in inner-wisdom, a subconscious sat nav here to help guide you. Although, it took me a long time to learn to listen to, and trust, mine.

My Grandmother or 'Nannan' as we called her was a Spiritualist and as a child it was the norm for Nannan to know when someone was going to call or telephone without prior warning or for her to tell us of a piece of news that hadn't been publicised yet. I never knew that was 'unusual' until I was older and other children started calling her a 'witch' or 'weird'. I distinctly remember my Mum and her connecting with the spirits in the front room. I looked on in awe as the table lifted and shook. My Nannan was magic!

I didn't think of myself having 'the gift' until I was much older - "I could'nt make tables move so I could'nt be 'magic'!" But there had always been this little voice in my head, giving me advice when I was making big decisions and a gut feeling too - a tightening and fluttering in my stomach whenever I needed to prepare myself emotionally for something. Vivid moments of what I thought was 'De-ja-vue' and clear visions of colours floating around people. Much like with Nannan, I thought everyone saw what I did or felt what I felt. The little voice that I had in my head - not an actual voice but a planting of images or words in my head that I could interpret. I started listening to that voice and it was the best thing I ever did!

Me and 'Nannan the Witch' 1972

Have you every had a really strong 'De-Ja-Vue experience? My daughter showed signs of being Psychic from a very early age. She'd smile widely at an empty space, as if someone she loved had just walked into the room. Her 'imaginary friend' told her things she was far to young to have known or understood and she'd chat for hours with her. I'd love to hear your experiences! Join me on Facebook @lovedestinyexpert #psychic #dejavue #spirits #spiritualism #nannanthewitch #angels #spiritworld #lovedestinyexpert

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