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The Divination Bundle consists of 4 different readings to give you a more detailed answer to your burning question. If you are looking for a reading that looks at all areas of your position this is the one for you. 
1. The Pendulum alongside my psychic ability will give you specific yes/no answers. 
2. The Rune Reading gives you information about your current, past and future situation. The Runes mirror your subconscious and your conscious decisions. 
3. The 3 Card Tarot Spread aims to find a positive outcome to your problems or       issues and connect with the Angels to provide guidance through the cards.

4. Angel Card Pick and postcard from a loved one in spirit

 I’ll add any messages I receive from the spirits during your reading. 

I am an experienced Psychic Tarot Card Reader and Life Coach. You can ask me a specific question or I can provide you with a general reading. 

The total cost of these 4 readings would be £55.00 – this offer is just £30.00

All readings are confidential.
All readings will include a detailed description of your reading via email.
After purchase there are no refunds, readings will be received via email within 24-48hrs

*Please note all readings are for entertainment purposes. I will not give professional medical, financial or legal advice.

Divination Bundle

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