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Curious about something going on in your life? Wishing to knew the answers to your love life? Then this same day, 3 card detailed reading is just what you’re seeking. I will use my intuition to offer guidance, encouraging you to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead. With this tarot card reading you will receive a detailed reading covering the aspects of life you wish to have guidance on by email! So, let’s see what’s written in the cards…

  • Ask the cards all you wish to know.
  • You’ll receive all your answers within 24-hours via email.
  • Perfect for anyone in touch with their spiritual side and curious about the future.

*Please note readings are for entertainment purposes.

Same Day Detailed 3 Card Reading

  • Please send me details of any specific questions you would like me to ask the cards. 1 Question per card - or alternatively request a general reading.


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